A Game-Changing Consumer-level 3D Scanner
MINI, Yet as a Pro


Up to 0.02mm

Point Distance

Up to 0.1mm

Scan Speed

10 frames/s

Single Capture Range

64mm X 118mm

Top Performance, Born for Pro-Grade Applications

Finally, Revopoint is here to save you from all these bulky blue light scanners. With an incredible accuracy of 0.02mm and 0.1mm point distance, MINI is your professional assistant for efficient engineering applications like reverse engineering, quality control, and other forms of detailed creation!

Finest Details, Beyond Limits

This time, Revopoint MINI adopts the industrial-grade blue light that projects a high-resolution structured pattern. This innovation actualizes a more accurate 3D data capture, resulting in ultra-precise modeling with less noise!

Ultimate Solution for Modeling Any Object

From Geometry Mode to Marker Mode, Revopoint MINI dramatically boosts efficiency with optimized scan modes. Regardless of shape of the object, Revopoint MINI achieves the high-quality modeling with convenience beyond your imagination!

Phenomenally Smooth, Enjoy Creativity

Featuring the chip-based algorithm, Revopoint MINI takes over the need for heavy GPU processing and provides intuitive scanning at 10 Fps. Along with its built-in 6DoF axis gyroscope and the optional handheld gimbal, you will enjoy the most fluid scanning experience you’ve ever had!



Most Funded 3D Scanner Approved by Users Worldwide